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UK Marketplaces - Your Questions answered

Where can I buy your Alida products?

Our ALIDA and La-tweez products are available to purchase directly from the following UK Marketplaces;

(* - It seems that Amazon E.U. are intending to treat Norther Ireland as a EU destination from 13th December 2024 and that means that all suppliers selling to Norther Ireland must be EU compliant, regardless of the fact that most do not sell to the EU and, if they are not, then all of their products will be unavailable on the Amazon Marketplace) 

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Alida Hair Remover for Legs (Singles, 5 & 10 Multi-packs)

Alida Facial Hair Remover (singles & 2 Multi-pack)

Alida Foot File*

Alida Hair Remover for Legs (Singles, Min Qty 2)

Alida Facial Hair Remover (Singles)

Alida Foot File

(not available after 13-12-2024) 

Alida Hair Remover for Legs (Singles, 5 & 10 Multi-packs)

Alida Facial Hair Remover (Singles)   - Sorry we are currently unable to offer our products on this platform as they seem to be experiencing payment issues!

Why are the prices slightly different on UK Marketplaces?

The total costs of supplying our products on each marketplace varies so we are able to offer our products at a lower price on as this is a Shopify web store and they charge us a little less than Amazon & Ebay

Why do you sometimes get a small Free gift with your order?

We like to thank you for your custom when possible so we usually supply a small FREE GIFT with selected orders as just a Thank You (If you do not want the FREE GIFT), please dispose of by giving to someone else or recycling when possible)

Why do I no longer get a small FREE GIFT with my Amazon orders?

Sorry, after a review of the Amazon policies we determined that we are unable to offer any FREE GIFTS as they may be viewed as a promotional item (As you are an Amazon Customer and they like you to view the order as an Amazon order!)

Hopefully that answers your UK Marketplace questions but if you need any more answers please contact us using the Shopify Inbox or Contact page

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