ALIDA Hair Remover for LEGS

ALIDA Hair Remover for LEGS

ALIDA Hair Remover for LEGS

ALIDA Hair Remover leaves your legs smooth and eliminates bristly growthALIDA Hair Remover for Legs remove hair simply, effectivly and are economical

ALIDA Hair Remover for Legs - The Sensible alternative to waxing and shaving for legs that appear smoother and feel lovelier

ALIDA Hair Remover for Legs are Non-Chemical, Odourless and Harmless

Previously know as 'SilyMitt' Each pack contains 3 mitts

IMPORTANT  - PLEASE READ THE INSTRUCTIONS CAREFULLY BEFORE USE The first time you use your ALIDA Hair Remover Mitten it may take a little longer
Repeat applications will prove easier and take less time
Use your ALIDA Hair Remover Mitten ONCE every 10 days to 2 weeks to keep your skin softer, smoother, more velvety in texture and free of superfluous hair


Instructions for Use

Slip a mitten over your fingers and wipe 3-4 times to the RIGHT in a CIRCULAR motion over and area from which hair is to be removed

Then, WITHOUT LIFTING the mitten from the skin, reverse the motion and wipe 3-4 times to the LEFT in a CIRCULAR motion

Repeat this alternating process until the hair disappears

After using apply a little cold cream, moisturizer or skin lotion

ALIDA Hair Remover Mitts can usually be used 10-12 times before replacing if you wipe with a DAMP cloth after use to remove any particles and dead skin that may accumulate on the mitt

Some DO’s and DON’T’s

DO NOT use on broken or inflamed skin
DO NOT use more than once a week
DO rub gently in CIRCULAR motions
DO NOT press too hard
DO NOT rub in up and down strokes
DO use ALIDA Hair Remover Mitts on your LEGS only
DO NOT immerse Mitt in water
DO ensure that the Mitt is perfectly DRY before using again

ALIDA Hair Remover Mitts for Legs May not be suitable for all hair types

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